side effects of protein powder for gym


Protein powder supplements are a trend these days. They certainly have advantages – they help the body meet their daily protein requirements. And that too, in an easy way. But excess consumption of protein supplements often does more harm than good. Side Effects Of Protein Supplements 1. Lead to Unhealthy Weight Gain This side effect surpasses the very objective of inventing protein supplements in the first place! If taken in excess amounts, protein supplements can make you gain weight. And by weight, we mean fat. When your workout routine does not meet up to your protein intake, the unutilized calories get transformed into fat. This fat gets accumulated day by day, causing you to gain weight quickly. It is surely not a good indication. 2. Might Affect Kidneys As protein is used by the body, it builds ammonia as a by-product. The ammonia is then transformed into urea, which is…