Sugar-free Vegetables


Does the thought of diabetes frighten you? Do you often find yourself checking out how much sugar each food item you eat holds? Well, when you are diabetic, fruits and vegetables are the safest bet! And when such foods are sugar-free, you just don’t have to fret at all!This article talks about those sugar-free fruits and vegetables that are super-healthy! Go ahead and read to check them out! 1. Beets Beets help cure and prevent many ailments. Beets are rich in minerals like potassium, iron, fiber, and dietary fiber. They get their rich color from a powerful antioxidant called betanin. To top it all, beets have a sweet taste. So, even if you have to avoid sweets and other sugary foods, you can safely eat beets and still not be worse off than you are. 2. Tomatoes Probably one of the most hotly argued subjects is whether tomatoes are fruits…