transformation story


Age 26 Gender Female  Before After  Weight  83 Kg  58 Kg  Body Fat  37 %  18 %  Height  5′ 3″  Transformation period  8 months  Gym Magnet  Trainer  Arvind & Ravi Nishtha realized to make changes to her lifestyle when she saw the weighing scale hitting 83. Compelled by certain health-related issues, she was forced to take up gyming which now she is totally addicted to. With encouragement from her personal trainers, she has proven to be an example to all the women trying to lose weight, but crib about it not being their ‘cup of tea’. With gyming now an obsession, she refuses to give up on it even after achieving the required body physique. Lifestyle Prior to Change What was your Lifestyle prior to your transformation?   Before I had started my transformation, I had a sedentary lifestyle. I was usually caught up with my daily routine but…