vegetarian diet chart for weight loss in 7 days


A vegetarian diet is one of the healthiest paths to weight loss. Plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are full of fiber, keep you satisfied with fewer calories, and prevent weight gain. Additionally, they also decrease the risk of heart diseases. So, if you are a vegetarian or want to avoid meat, the 7-day vegetarian weight loss plan will not only help burn fat but also support your health. What Is A Vegetarian Diet? A well-balanced vegetarian diet is suitable for people of all ages – children, elderly, pregnant women, lactating mothers, competing athletes, or even recovering patients. A vegetarian diet is rich in minerals, protein, calcium, vitamins, iron, iodine, and zinc that are vital for the body to function properly. Many doctors prescribe a vegetarian diet plan for the prevention and treatment of various diseases. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, renal diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes, dementia,…