vitamin b6 rich foods


Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine is a water-soluble vitamin that is extremely crucial for proper maintenance of metabolism, the nervous and immune systems and lots of other bodily functions. One must intake enough B6-rich foods in order to avoid several health issues associated with the lack of vitamin B6 such as skin inflammation, depression, confusion, strokes, convulsions, and anemia. However, it is suggested to resort to natural vitamin B6 sources as synthetic supplements at times lead to an overdose which can affect your nervous system adversely and can cause sensory damage. Top 10 Vitamin B6 Rich Foods There are innumerable natural and synthetic sources of vitamin B6. Natural sources include vegetable, fruits, meat, nuts, and grains. 1. Meats Almost all types of meat contain a handsome amount of vitamin B6. Poultry products such as turkey and chicken supply more or less ½ mg vitamin B6 per three-ounce servings. Similarly, beef also…