why am i not losing weight when i exercise and diet


It’s frustrating if you don’t lose weight despite striving so hard. If working out, regulating your carb desires, and making modifications to your lifestyle is not sufficient to lose weight, then what is? It is in these times of hopelessness that 99% of women give up on their weight loss plans. After all, it’s more satisfying to enjoy the delish and be limp than withholding yourself. Accepted. But that’s a trap. And before you fall for it, take one last peek at the genuine reasons you are not losing weight. Science says that there are several factors that affect weight loss. 1. Know The Difference Between Fat And Mass Did you know that losing weight is mixed with dropping fat and growing muscle mass? When you say you want to lose weight, rephrase it and say that you want to get cleared of the flab. Originally, when you begin your…